The Leiba Record

Since its introduction in the German velomobile forum, the Leiba Record went straight on top of my velomobile shortlist (along with the 2014 WAW).
Designed for speed the Record might not be exactly what I’m looking for my daily commute over rough roads, but it just looks purely awesome.

The Leiba Record prototype
First Leiba Record

Leiba went a unique way to construct the rear suspension. Instead of swing arm, the whole rear wheel well together with the bottom shell moves and is suspended by a suspension strut at the top to provide 3cm of suspension travel. Lateral movement of the wheel well is controlled by two plastic covered screws in the upper seat mount (the horizontal aluminium bar). A bit crude but hey, it’s the prototype!
Time and tests will tell if that construction is simple and genius or, well… not.

Leiba Record rear suspension
Leiba Record rear suspension

A show stopper (for me) would be the current size of the rather slim 26″ wheel well. It is only wide enough to fit a skinny 559×1.35 tyre. I think that’s unnecessary restricting tyre choices.

I’m currently quite fond of the Schwalbe Big Ben for comfort and most importantly its great grip on wet roads. Leiba mentioned in the introductory thread they might build a bigger wheel well to fit 700c tyres if they be faster. Maybe a bigger AND wider rear wheel well isn’t out of the question.

Leiba Record cockpit
Leiba Record cockpit

The prototype has tiller steering but side stick steering will be available as well.

Leiba Record without hood

Some preliminary specs of the Leiba Record:
length: 273 cm
width: ca. 69 cm
track width: ca. 66 cm
height: ca. 89 cm
turning cycle: ?
weight: empty raw shell in glass 8.7 kg, lid 0.65 kg, hood 0.5 kg
price (glass): ca € 6,500
carbon update: ca € 1,200

All images: Leiba

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The new WAW

French velomobile distributor CyclesJV-Fenioux  posted a video of the updated and refined 2014 WAW, called WAW@2014, made by Katanga in the Czech Republic.

More images from the new WAW here: Katanga – Gallery and CyclesJV-Fenioux – WAW

New video:

If you don’t speak French, make sure to switch on the English subtitles.

I really like that thing.

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Today I made a little test tour to Lübeck. 69 km to have some ice cream at the Holstentor.

162 km in total at a 25.4 km/h average. Total consumption was 1300 Wh plus change or 7.9 wh/km. Still had maybe 8-10 km worth of power left in the second battery when I arrived back home but had battery chargers with me in case I run ‘out of gas’.

Sprint vorm Holstentor

I had a nice day.

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Rotovelo Ice Hockey Match

The Rotovelo velomobile from Trislet
Don’t do this with your Quest. ;)

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My Satiator arrived yesterday

My Satiator 608 charger arrived yesterday. I got a unit from the pilot batch at discount price for beta testing.

Cycle satiator 608 Image: Grin Tech

It looks great and feels very well made and rugged. Setting up new charging profiles is painless, despite having only two buttons. Naming the new profiles is not possible yet, but there is a profile editor software in developement (for Mac, Win, Linux) that will take care of that. I think Justin mentioned firmware updaters for all three operation systems as well. Right now it’s Windows only.

My charger arrived with firmware 0.808, today I updated to FW 0.814 that addresses some minor bugs. That process went absolutely painless. This may be still a product running on beta firmware but it sure doesn’t feel that way.

So far the Satitor 608 is charging fine and totally noiseless.

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Nose mount details

Simple mounting of the Kingcycle nose fairing clone from Mid Norfolk Mouldings.

the old light is temporary fixed to the nose with some Terostat IX sealant

Author bottle cage brackets

the existing braze-on’s used to screw an aluminium U-profile to the front boom as a non twistable mount to clamp the lower fairing boom to it with two hose clamps

the cockpit

Some things got tweaked since I made the images. The Cycle Analyst is under the stem now and not behind it anymore for instance… :D
The new B&M IQ Cyo 75 volt front light is already on its way and will be mounted into the nose (if I can find my hole cutter…).

…as it happens the packet with the IQ Cyo was already waiting for me at my neighbour. Since it’s so tiny I will order a second one and mount them to each side of the nose, I think. No need to find the hole cutter.

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A bunch of updates and a nose

The ICE Sprint got a bunch of repairs and updates the last couple of weeks to get back in good riding condition.
It started with a new Shimano XT derailleur a couple of weeks ago, then I ordered the MXUS 1307 hub motor, a short 155mm Durabi 400 crank set, 65 tooth chain ring, new chain, chain tubes and 9 speed freewheel, new torque arm, new 90mm drum brake hubs, new 40mm wide rims, 55mm wide Big Ben tires, 20″ front wheel covers
Actually, except pedals and bottom bracket, the whole drive train is new.

While on a spending spree already I ordered the Hornit, the Cycle Analyst V3, two 37V/11.2Ah LiMn battery’s Schwibsi build from Sony Konion US18650 V3 cells on a Sunday afternoon (!) for me, Grin Techs Cycle Satiator 608 charger and finally the rather affordable recumbent nose cone fairing from Ebay that interested me for months (especially while getting soaking wet when riding in heavy rain…).

ICE Sprint FS 24 with nose cone
The Sprint more or less complete, except new mounts for the front light and Cycle Analyst. The bag on the front boom, a VAUDE Silkroad S, contains the battery.

Top speed at 84V (both freshly charged 37V battery’s in series) is, like Grin Techs Ebike Simulator predicted, just under 70 km/h by about 30 km range without fairing. With a lighter hand on the throttle I managed just under 15 Wh/km in total on my 40km commute the other day. I hope that figure might change with the nose fairing.

My old 37V LiMn battery is ripped into pieces right now to be rearranged into two 18.5V/11Ah battery packs. Together with the two new 37V/11Ah battery packs I connect them to a 55V/22Ah battery for more sane 50 km/h top speed and 70 km range.

At ‘only’ 40 km/h that range would increase to more than 100 km and when restricting top speed to around 25 km/h, range would increase further to around 200 km. 25 km/h is a nice speed for touring. Even better when able to speed up to 50 km/h as needed with a flick of a switch.

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