RANS in the Park

I’m tinkering with the RANS XStream at the moment. The big, wide RANS handlebar had to go and today I’ve swapped the Phaserunner for the old but trusty KU123 controller.


It handles way better with the short handlebar, but while the old controller doesn’t look nowhere as slick as the tiny Phaserunner, it just works without fuss.


I have to shorten the brake and shifter cables, but that has to wait till I decide what kind of handlebar works best. While I like to keep the mud guards, I really wanna get rid of the Duranos and put some more supple tyres on it. Probably have to mount 24″ wheels to be able to use mud guards and wide tyres.

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Aero Bullet Velomobile Shell

I’ve mentioned the Aero Bullet velomobile shell from AEM in Florida some time ago in an older post about velomobile shells for trikes. While the first production shells were made from fiber glass, they’re now made from carbon fiber. No mention of the weight of the raw shell, but at $1,100 a piece (+ shipping) certainly at an interesting price.

While the raw shell is not much to look at, ‘Tonyscat’ build an impressively looking velomobile shell for his Catrike Road out of it. Thankfully he also documented his build in this blog post.


I’m especially impressed that he uses 24″ wheels!

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Coroplast Velomobile Shell

Rob Alex build a nice coroplast velomobile shell for his ICE Sprint FS (version #9 actually!).

He posted some details and pictures in his blog and his thread at the BentRider forum. Go check it out!

I’m quite curious how version #10 will look like…

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Marathon Winter Update

Since the temperatures went-up above freezing again, I took the Marathon Winter’s off the Blue ICE and mounted a new set of Schwalbe Big Ben again.

Rode the Marathon Winter for 70km, lost 8 spikes at one 24″ front wheel and 12 spikes (!) at the other. The brand new Marathon Winter 50-559 at the rear lost none.

Pretty disappointed with the 2-year-old, but unused, 24″ tyre set. The set of 20″ Marathon Winter I rode for about 360km at the front of the black Sprint two years ago, didn’t lose any spikes.

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Interested Bystander


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Blue ICE and Marathon Winter

I’ve just mounted some Schwalbe Marathon Winter spike tyres and did a 13km test run ’round the block’. Schwalbe recently introduced the Marathon Winter in a wider 50-559 size and it’s are a perfect match for the pair of 24″ Marathon Winter already waiting to go on the Blue ICE.

Schwalbe Marathon Winter in 47-507


First impression: Damn they’re loud! No chance to sneak-up on somebody from behind.๐Ÿ™‚
Grip is really good, but I’ve encountered little ice today. Maybe I’m more ‘lucky’ on my commute tomorrow. Their higher rolling resistance is noticable.



The other new thing are a pair of silver Ortlieb XPress in size ‘S’.


Some guy sold two of them at Ebay in ‘as new’ condition and I couldn’t resist. While the Ortlieb XPress come-up for sale from time to time, getting a pair in identical condition isn’t easy. It’s a shame Ortlieb stopped manufacturing these sturdy messenger bags about a decade ago.
All necessary parts, to convert the bags to recumbent panniers, where already at hand. The ‘small’ (2x 15 liter) XPress are more sensible panniers for daily commuting than the huge (2x 35 liter), white, Ortlieb XPress in size ‘L’ I’ve used so far.

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RANS XStream 26

Recently, I’ve bought myself a birthday gift: A RANS XStream 26 recumbent bike.

Not exactly the kind of bike I had in mind to fend off Zombies, but could be my ticket to finally start riding some brevets. If I can manage to ride that wiggly thing…


Initially, the idea was to get a two-wheeled recumbent that is a bit more efficient than a trike and easier to put on a train for longer tours.
Well, this thing is nearly as long as a tandem bike and was designed to race and win RAAM in 2009, I think (the RANS team did win that year on the XStream).
So, putting my new two-wheeled thoroughbred on a train might likely never happen.

Hadn’t found time to set it up yet. Almost all parts I need are at hand, I think. Guess what I’m doing this winter.๐Ÿ˜‰

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Before the Flood

Climate change ain’t no Chinese hoax, guys.

Well, I don’t own a car for a good dozen years now and according to my electrical bill, used less than 1,100 kWh of electrical energy at home over the last years. Since I prefer chicken anyway, cutting a bit more down on beef doesn’t seem problematic. Still leave a way too big carbon footprint, but I think it’s a start…

Did you start yet?

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Zeitfahren Hamburg – Berlin 2016

This gallery contains 22 photos.

Some impressions from the Start of the Hamburg – Berlin 2016 Audax in Altengamme.

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Things you can’t do with a recumbent trike… (3)

Well, looks like I better get a electric two wheeler for the coming zombie apocalypse…

Starring: Caroline Buchanan

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