Recumbent E-Trike projects

Of course there where loads of people who build better looking or more powerful recumbent e-trikes before I did. Especially more powerful…

Matt Shumakers e-trikes
Matt Shumaker motorized his Catrike 700 with a self constructed gearbox and RC motor.

and a modified KMX Typhoon sporting two Astro Flight 3220 for tire shredding 28hp. Here is the build thread at Endless Sphere.


You can order his beautiful constructed CNC machined drive units and Astro Flight motors between 2kW and 3.5kW (4kW to 9kW peak!) from his website.


FFR Transition One (now Outrider 422 Alpha)
What brings me to FFR Trikes. They are the guys who won the 2012 Pikes Peak hill climb race in first and second place with their FFR Transition One trikes in the e-bike class. Ordering a FFR Transition One trike is defiantly a very interesting option if someone is lusting for a powerful e-trike but doesn’t want to feed a heavy hub motor with 100V or construct drive unit and controller himself. If building your ride is part of the fun FFR offers drive units, motors, controllers, gear adapters and all the other stuff on their site to get you started.

Doctorbass KMX Typhoon
Canadian Stephan Melancon better known as Doctorbass feeds a Crystalite 5302 hub motor with 94 volts to propel his KMX Typhoon up to 70mph (112km/h). That top speed is nice but I’m more trilled with the acceleration of that trike shown in this video.

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