ICE Vortex 2012

The ICE Vortex 2012 is a fast and gorgeous looking recumbent trike. There is a little review of the Vortex+ at BentRider Online.


Imagine you want to make a longer tour and need to add some panniers. ICE Trikes has a picture on their site of the Vortex equipped with panniers at the rack and Radical Design recumbent bags mounted at the seat looking like this:

Sorry, but apart from totally screwing up corner handling of a trike with weight high up at the rear wheel it also destroys the look of this beauty quite well.

An now a little Photoshop…
How is this idea instead? A pair of Givi E21 Cruiser cases provide a sturdy crash and water proof solution that look good and has a fairly low center of mass for good handling.

Another shopped example of the cases at an ICE Sprint 26 X

All images by

P.S. BentRider Online has a short review of the Sprint 26 X on their site as well.

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