New HP Velotechnik Scorpion FS 26″

Even if my blog is in danger to look like kind of a press release channel…

HP Velotechnik just announced their new full suspension Scorpion FS 26″ trike. Beside being quite a good-looking trike with a suspended 26″ rear wheel I’m intrigued by its very rigid looking rear frame design and the rack. Its placing the baggage weight low and as far to the front as possible. As their press images show they also promote Ortlieb’s Recumbent Bags to use with the new trike.

Images: HP Velotechnik

Right from the start HP Velotech announced (PDF) a pedelec version with BionX 250W direct drive hub motor. That wouldn’t be my motor of choice because of BionX’s closed system, lack of torque compared to geared hub motors and high price.
Given the low maintenance, BionX tought through design, ease of use, regenerative braking and legal restrictions in Germany and the European market, not a bad choice at all. Just don’t expect the E-Scorpion pedelec to be a rabid hill climber.

Very interesting is the S-Pedelec variant of the Scorpion FS 26″ with a BionX 500W motor that provides pedal assist up to 45km/h! If you keep in mind that there is no easy or halfway affordable way to get your homebuilt S-Pedelec or E-Bike licensed and registered in Germany, this is one of the very few options to get a fast and street legal E-Trike.
At €6990 it ain’t cheap though.
The only other two options for street legal 45km/h e-trikes I’m aware of are the Hase Klimax 5k and the MunGo45, Both cost around seven and a half grand.

Battery and Bags?
What did HV Velotechnik thought about battery placement? If you want to use the big Ortlieb Recumbent Bags or any other pair of recumbent bags it seems you can only mount the left bag because the battery is in the way. Thats not only inconvenient that would be simply bad design for a €7000 trike.

HPV’s teaser video for the new Scorpion was released a couple of days ago:

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One Response to New HP Velotechnik Scorpion FS 26″

  1. Dave C says:

    I am enjoying your site. I ‘m just getting into tadpole e-trikes. What motor would you choose for a Scorpion? How about a crank drive such as Sunstar?

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