Azub Dryve fabric fairing

Yesterday I found the amazing looking Azub Dryve fabric fairing designed by Johannes Rave.

Apart from a double page in the Azub 2012 catalog (page 52-53) about developing this fabric fairing, the testing of a prototype under way and some images there is not much to find about it on the web. It’s supposed to come to market in 2013.

The Dryve got some nice touches. The sliding entrance is a great idea! The way the front wheels are enclosed as well. The white LED strips in front are probably not much of a headlight but are a really good idea to enhance visibility on the road. Looks like there are red LED strips in the back as well. The mirror is probably some ‘design over function’ thing from a beta design state that should not make it to the marked.

Azub mentioned in their catalog that the Dryve fairing is primarily designed for whether protection and not shaped for superior aerodynamics. Thats fine in my book. It should enhance your speed a bit anyway and extend battery range for e-trikers as well.

Images: Azub

Can’t wait to see and try the Dryve for myself. I hope it will be possible to fit the Azub Dryve to my Sprint. That would be awesome.

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4 Responses to Azub Dryve fabric fairing

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  2. Barry says:

    This fairing looks fabulous and I would be keen to try one.Because I am disabled with very poor walking ability, I use my recumbent every day, cycling at least 10 kilometres every day, regardless of the weather. Tell me more about the fairing

  3. Hans says:

    Hi Marc

    It’s one of the most interesting designs I know. Unfortunately, as you know already, it is really on the back burner at AZUB. In an email Johannes Rave told me the the whole development is now in the hands of AZUB, so we’ll have to wait patiently, very patiently.

    Honza told me that among others they are busy with desinging and testing a full suspension trike so I guess that really takes priority.
    Salut! Hans

  4. Hans says:

    Hi Marc,

    Fir the Hi-Q2 discussion; the fairings-part I used your pictures of the Dryve.
    For me still one of the most interesting designs as far as fairings are concerned.
    Tschüß, Hans

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