Critical Mass Hamburg

I went to my first Critical Mass in Hamburg yesterday. That was fun! Pretty amazing to ride with nearly 1000 other riders (somebody counted 965 participants) through the city and I met some fellow bentriders.

Shame on me as I was without camera but Malte who runs the blog Radverkehrspolitik caught me real nice:

criticalmass-hamburg-2012-11-30-5 Image: Malte Huebner

Video: soundZ

Afterwards while some of us had a mulled wine (of the ‘Chateau de la migraine’ kind) at the Reeperbahn a friendly car driver came ‘complaining’ cause he had to wait a full 20min at a junction till all bikes passed.

On my way home I teamed up with a Catrike Speed rider for part of the way. Some girl in a passing car shouted at us: ‘Are you crazy?!‘ Since it was the middle of night with ugly rain and snow and we where ‘formation flying’ the trikes on the off-side lane following the main roads through Hamburg we couldn’t really argue with her.

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One Response to Critical Mass Hamburg

  1. Sebastian says:

    It was really fun out there! Greetings from the “Sinclair C5”-driver 😉

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