Wenckstern Mini Hot Rod

And now something completely different…

The Wenckstern. Four wheels. 14hp four-stroke engine. No suspension. Pure fun.

Mini Hot-Rod

A 2m long, 100kg, street legal Mini Hot Rod with 88km/h top speed. Build in Tangstedt just outside Hamburg. All you need is a driver’s licence and €12,000 to spare.
They got a really cute Pick-up version as well:

Mini Hot-Rod Pick-up

Spiegel Online has an article about the Wenkstern.


It was mentioned in some other article that Wenckstern is developing an electric version right now that will come out by the end of the year. Main target for the clean and quiet electric Wenckstern are rental stations in beach resorts at the Baltic sea.

Now I’m interested. A powerfull electric mini hot rod pick-up could be fun.

Here comes the really fun part:
Wenckstern offers guided Mini Hod-Rod city tours in Hamburg, Berlin and Dresden! And you can rent them for €39 per hour. Guess what I will ride pretty soon…

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