Trike Haute Vitesse

BuS-Velomo just posted these pictures of their new full suspended Hi-Trike prototype with 26″ rear wheel and started a presentation thread in the german recumbent forum.



Apart from the graceful swing of the frame of this uncluttered trike the leaf spring front suspension looks rather interesting as well. Shame the front suspension is not really that visible in this images…

Hi-Trike 1 front

As a daily trike commuter I like to moan the lack of a rack and fenders but since this first prototype went to Roland Kauke he might have something up his sleeve already…


Another exiting add-on would be the Pinion 1.18 gearbox to the Hi-Trike. As it happens BuS-Velomo is the first recumbent manufacturer who offers the Pinion gearbox not only to its own products for a mere €1500 premium but will produce custom adapters and bottom bracket booms to fit other recumbents and velomobiles. As far as I know they are the only vendor who sell the Pinion gearbox without a bike.

All images: BuS-Velomo

Rats! An hour ago I still thought my next recumbent would be a velomobile… not so shure about that anymore…

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