The SWXH is growling

A short update on my steel geared Bafang SWXH.
The new steel planetary gears are installed and all sealings of the internal ball bearings removed since the motor is filled with 70ml ATF. Only the outward facing sealings on the axle bearings are still in place to keep the oil inside. Since the next three days some drops of oil came out at the free wheel side 65ml ATF looks like the right amount for a clean, spill free operation from the start.

On my first short test ride after installing the steel planetary gears I was quite shocked about the noise with a 10s (37V) battery. Even more so on the second ride with a 14s battery. The SWXH sounded like an electric coffee grinder… 😦

Now after running 300km the new gears settled in and noise got a bit more bearable. It’s actually ok when starting with a cold motor but when the oil heats up the noise level goes up as well. I might have to use a bit thicker oil than Shell ATF 22.

The 35A KU123 controller adds noticeably to the noise at full throttle with 14s battery. When I ease-up on the throttle slightly without actually reducing top speed the motor noise goes down. It sounds like the controller try’s to push the motor an other 2-3km/h but only adds noise and waste’s energy.

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