Electric Bike Trip Simulator

At the Endless Sphere ebike forum French User evelorution posted his pretty sophisticated but relatively easy to use online Electric bike trip simulator based on Google Maps.

Very cool that he included recumbent two wheelers and recumbent trikes to the selection of ebikes as well!

I played a bit with the simulator and comparing calculated battery consumption to actual measurements on my daily commute it was pretty much spot on.
The Ebike range simulator calculated 8.6A battery consumption for my 36km one way trip at 40km/h. While my measurements most of the time are around 8.5A they vary between 7.5A and 9.5A depending on my pedalling effort and head winds. Needless to say there is a selection for rider strength among a bunch of other things to choose or alter to match the parameters to your ebike and yourself.

The only serious downside I found so far with this ebike trip simulator is the inability to save your trip selection and ebike setup but hey its free!

Together with the Hub Motor and Ebike Simulator from Grin Tech and the Bicycle Speed and Power Calculator based on Walter Zorn’s measurements and calculations, this Ebike range simulator is an other useful online tool for ebikers.

Update 2013.09.04
I just found out the ebike trip simulator let you save the ebike configuration to a file on your computer now! Nice!

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4 Responses to Electric Bike Trip Simulator

  1. Velorution says:

    We now have a new version => http://www.ebikemaps.com

  2. Marc says:

    Why do I get spam mails since I registered at http://www.ebikemaps.com ???

  3. Evelorution says:

    Hi Marc.
    We do not send any mail except if the user want to recover your password and we do not share the database for commercial purpose or with any partners. Thus, I believe your spam is not related to http://www.ebikemaps.com. We did not have any spam complains from other users. We did not see any suspicious activity or security breach. Take care your computer might be infected somehow. You can also use a fake mail, however, then, you will not be able to recover your password if you forget it. We are performing additional security tests to double check. We can remove you from the database if you want.

    • Marc says:

      No, its ok. The spam was most probably unrelated.
      I just got suspicious when I’ve got some spam mails on a email address I rarely use the days after registering.
      Macs are not bullet proof, but mine is most likely not infected… 😉

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