Smart phone = Spy phone?

Since I use a really shitty Nokia ‘dumb phone’ at the moment, as a gear head and gadget nut I’m naturally interested in a smart phone.

Whats not to like about the idea of having your phone guiding you through unknown territory with its navigation app or charting your bike trip for later evaluation at home among lots of other things like email and internet access on the road.
The usual suspects are an iPhone, some kind of Android phone, a Blackberry, or a Nokia.

Today I’ve stumbled across several articles and blog posts about concerning security issues of the major smart phones:
Android sends and stores your WLAN password in plain text on Google servers
Blackberry stores username and password of your email account on its servers, sends them in plain text and directly logs into your email account after setting up an email account on your phone
Nokia will decrypt secure https data send from your phone and routes them over Nokia servers

WTF?! Not only in light of recent news about the global government spy programs these issues are totally unacceptable in a smart phone!

The only thing I (or you!) can do is voting with my wallet. Thus Android, Blackberry and Nokia went straight on my ‘no buy list’. For good.

Ah, and while im at it:
Microsoft XBox One? Kinect sensor? Pfft! Privacy settings? From the guys who programed a backdoor into Outlook email encryption… Right! I wouldn’t trust them even without my tin foil hat. It goes without saying that all the legal aspects preventing the NSA from spying directly into your living room only applies to US soil. The rest of the world is fair game…
‘SpyBox One’ would be a better name, don’t you think?

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