Evolve trikes – The ultimate folding trike

Looks like Australian Evolve trikes is finally ready to start producing their unique folding trikes beginning with the compact 16″ wheel model. Later on it’s planned to release a 20″ wheel model with rear suspension as well. Thats what I call good news from down under.

Evolve trikes

Revolutionary is a big word but compared to currently available folding tadpole trikes this thing definitely is. If you own a small car (like a Smart), live in a small appartement without storage space for a trike or like to travel with your trike you should have a look!

Evolve trike folded

Evolve trike folded compact

I remember very well what a major PITA it was to take my Sprint down to Munich by train. I got stuck in the corridor between the entry doors of the railway car, had to fold and partly disassemble the Sprint and just made it to haul the thing around a tight corner through the narrow door into the bike compartment. Sending the folded trike by courier wasn’t an option because it couldn’t fit into the allowed packet size.
For about a week I was even contemplating to ride down 700km from Hamburg to Munich in the middle of winter. In the end the hassle was worth it to have the trike with me for the daily commute and some really nice winter tours around the Ammersee at the weekend.

A trike in a suitcase. It ain’t got more hassle free than that.
Evolve trike folded in case
All images: Evolve Trikes

Update 2013.11.17
Evolve Trikes announced that Edge Recumbents is building and selling the trike under the name Edge Recumbents e2 in the US for $2995. No word about availability in Europe yet.

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