Charging Station

Yesterday I happily stumbled across the free charging station of SenerTec in Lauenburg right at the point where my battery’s hit half empty and I had to decide what to do next.
Go back home the same way or continue my tour across the elb river for a more scenic ride and pedal the last 10 or 20km like the days before. Opting for the recharge I went for the more scenic 50km ride without caring too much about my battery and still had 40% charge left when arriving home.

Image: SenerTec

I think it is a great service to offer free-of-charge charging stations for electric vehicles.
Ok, I admit with an ebike you don’t really need a charged battery to come home and don’t suffer range anxiety to the extend drivers of electric cars or electric motorcycles might experience. Nonetheless recharging my battery ‘on the road’ was quite helpful.

Websites to find charging stations in Germany and Europe:

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