P&K Lie truing stand

I was just googling for truing stands and found this very well made truing stand sculpture.
The P&K Lie truing stand looks like a tool every bike mechanic worth its salt could drool over. It’s not only good-looking but because of the unique custom-made dual dial indicators with non-linear readout should be also a real joy to use.

Starting at €1520 from P&K Lie in Germany or $1850 from Wheel Fanatic in the US unfortunately not something you buy on a whim for the occasional wheel maintenance, though.

There is an in-depth description of the P&K Lie truing stand in the Wheel Fanatyc blog post: A perfect truing stand

Image: P&K Lie

Wheel Fanatyk Tensiometer
With the Wheel Fanatyk Tensiometer these guys produce an updated version of the well reguarded but long discontinued Jobst Brandt/FSA spoke tension gauge!
At $295 not exactly a cheapy as well.

Wheel Fanatyc tensiometer
Image: Wheel Fanatyk

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