Velomobile shell for trikes

Update August 17, 2014:
Well, as you can read in the responses Eurocircuits in Hungary took over the production of the Challenger and adapted it to the Azub Tricon.
It also appears stopped producing the Borealis shell and concentrates on producing the Milan for the Canadian and US market. Probably a wise idea.
The ‘last chance’ for converting the ICE Sprint to a velomobile, the SpearHead Coroplast velomobile shell from Rick O’Brian is gone as well.

In the meantime I bought a KingCycle nose fairing clone from Ebay to face the weather in Autumn and Winter.

(You can tell it is cold and raining here. I’m into shells and fairings again…) 😀

There are two velomobile shells available to convert ICE Sprint RS trikes to full-blown velomobiles: The Borealis from and the Challenger from Ocean Cycles in the UK. Both fit for the suspended 20″ rear wheel version of the ICE Sprint.

The Borealis V3:
Borealis v3

The Ocean Cycles Challenger:

For other tadpole trikes there is the rather butt ugly Blue Sky Design shell kit and potentially the better looking Aero Bullet kit (if they decide to start production).

Blue Sky Design kit:
Blue Sky Design

Silver Bullet kit:
Silver Bullet kit

These kits might be interesting for you guy’s (and gal’s) left of the pond but here in Europe it’s probably cheaper to get a used velomobile right away and be done with it.

Fabric fairings
The very promising Azub Dyve fabric fairing unfortunately is a no-show so far. The one page ‘website’ from the German designer didn’t changed in the last 14 month and Azub never answered my inquiry by email.
Dryve open cockpit

The Hase Klimax fabric fairing looks like a pretty good solution for weather protection if you ride a delta trike. Light, foldable, easy to install but at around €900 not exactly cheap.

Unfortunately nothing remotely similar to the Klimax is available for tadpole trikes. As a trike commuter a light and foldable fabric fairing would be perfect. I’m pretty ok down to -5°C if it’s dry weather but rain at temperatures up to 10°C is a bitch and I really don’t like rain trowsers that much. I think it was Neil from ICE Trikes who wrote to me that they had a good look at the Klimax fairing, but designing a fabric fairing for their trikes would make no economic sense for them.

Looks like I have to go DIY from here. We’ll see… 😦

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9 Responses to Velomobile shell for trikes

  1. Jimm Pratt says:

    You might want to mention the Leitra Wildcat fairing, which has been in production for a few years now in Denmark. It offers fairly good protection from the elements and has been adapted to fit 6 different trikes to-date. – and my own gallery documenting development of a Wildcat on a Steintrike Nomad:

  2. Marc says:

    You are right. I had an extra post in mind for the Leitra Wildcat, the Nose 1.4, TerraTrike Windwrap and HP Streamer, but the Wildcat probably belongs here.
    Hey thanks for the links to the Images! I didn’t knew of the short ‘cabrio’ fairing.

    • Jimm Pratt says:

      Yes the full fairing works better here, but a post about the smaller legs-only version of the WIldcat would work nicely on the Nose 1.4 article. And I’m sure C.G. would not object to an ‘extra post’ on the WIldcat – he could use the business, I bet. 🙂

  3. Rob says:

    How about a shell for a Utah trike quad. Are there any options for quads?

    • Jimm Pratt says:

      Since many nose shells attach to.. well.. the nose and frame… then several of the solutions mentioned so far would work on a quad too. You’d just have the rear wheels sticking out a bit more. but using wheel covers, like on a Leitra, would help make that look better.

  4. Honza Galla - AZUB BIKE says:

    Hallo Marc, I have just red your post here and checked our e-mail inboxes and I have to say we never received any e-mail from you or somebody with your name or so. We try to do our best to answer all e-mails within few days so I was surprised to read your note about not answering.

    What was your question exactly?

    The Dryve is really a bit postponed. Or better to say postponed quite a lot. We focus with our development on some other trike projects and we also cooperate on velomobile shell with one of our suppliers who has great skills and knowladges about producing velomobiles.

    Have a great day!

    • Marc says:

      Hi Honza! Ooops! Missed your posting. Sorry!

      I used your website email function to ask about the availability of the Dryve fairing back then.
      While I’m really interested in a velomobile, I’ve got no garage or shed for parking at night since I live in a big city. A foldable or detachable fairing for my trike would be a very useful solution to store the trike at home and at work.

  5. Luc Smets says:

    We took over the production of the Challenger from Ocean Cycle. The Challenger, built by Eurocircuits in Hungary will be available, mounted on the AZUB Tricon trike from Honza by the end of August 2014. More info will come on the website (trike4share) later. For now I can share a short movie about the test of the first two prototypes we built :

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