Safety goggles for triking

Since I wear spectacles with rather abysmal aerodynamic properties (my eyes will start to tear above 20km/h) and already had to see an ophthalmologist twice to remove some debris out of my eyes, I was looking for some goggles for triking.

When presented with Uvex Ultrasonic 9302 safety goggles at work I stopped searching. They are ventilated and anti-fog coated on the inside (works very well indeed), scratch resistant, light, very comfortable to wear and don’t look too dorky (well…). They are relatively cheaply obtainable from Ebay as well (€15).
Uvex Ultrasonic 9302
Oncoming trucks with their shock wave of debris don’t bother me any more. It was way more comfortable to ride fast under -10°C this winter as well.

Now, after about 7 month of daily use the lens got some scratches and I have  to get a new one. I’d like to get one with a tinted lens for summer as well.

Update 2016-06-25:
I still ride with these goggles (except in Summer). They last about 6 moth in daily use and as far as over-spectacles-googles go, haven’t found better ones.

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