Safety goggles for triking

Since I wear spectacles with rather abysmal aerodynamic properties (my eyes will start to tear above 20km/h) and already had to see an ophthalmologist twice to remove some debris out of my eyes, I was looking for some goggles for triking.

When presented with Uvex Ultrasonic 9302 safety goggles at work I stopped searching. They are ventilated and anti-fog coated on the inside (works very well indeed), scratch resistant, light, very comfortable to wear and don’t look too dorky (well…). You can get them relatively cheaply at Ebay (< €20).
Uvex Ultrasonic 9302
Oncoming trucks with their shock wave of debris don’t bother me any more. It was way more comfortable to ride fast under -10°C this winter as well.

Now, after about 7 month of daily use the lens got some scratches and I have  to get a new one. I’d like to get one with a tinted lens for summer as well.

Update 2016-06-25:
I still ride with these goggles (except in Summer). They last about 6-9 month in daily use and as far as over-spectacles-goggles go, I haven’t found any better ones.

Update 2017-09-03:
Except in summer, the Uvex Ultrasonic safety goggles are always in my trike panniers. I wear them in rain or when its colder than about 12°C. Despite their ‘slightly’ dorky look, they’re simply just perfect for the task.

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