I just reached the 20,000km mark with my trike the other day.

The Sprint changed quite a bit since I got it.

What started as a full suspended ICE Sprint soon changed to a rigid 26″ rear frame when I broke the suspended 20″ rear frame (twice). This might be a good time to mention ICE Trikes great customer service. Where else does the company boss answers your email and asks about how exactly you broke ‘his’ trike to find out if they have to redesign that particular rear frame part? After some hard thinking my conclusion was that I overstressed the frame every day at one particular tight corner in front of my home. I told them that but none the less ICE Trikes send a new rear frame free of charge by UPS the next day. Twice! (Thanks Neil!).

Sprint 20 inch hardtail
Sprint with rigid 26″ rear frame and 3×20″ wheels. Awesome fast cornering but the small unsuspended rear wheel was a real bitch on rough roads or cobblestone.

The Sprint with 24″ rear wheel. I still think the 24″ rear wheel was the best compromise in gear range, corner handling and wheel rigidity. While a bit less comfortable than a wide 26″ wheel the Bafang BPM at 60V/35A in 24″ rim is an awesome sprinter from the red lights and proved to be quite the mountain goat in Bavaria. (Image: Malte Hübner)

ICE Sprint FS 26
Sprint with regular 26″ wheel. The most comfortable unsuspended rear wheel setup with a very nimble steering. While I liked the smaller 24″ rear wheel better, I needed a bit more clearance since I had to take the ferry every day and depending on ferry and tide, sometimes the frame would scratch over the gangway.

The current setup of my Sprint with 24″ front wheels and 26″ rear. I really like the new setup with the big front wheels but might miss the front mud guards, though.

Update 05.05.2017:

Sprint 24_Nose_20
A year later, the Sprint got a short front fairing, 20″ front wheels and a 24″ rear wheel…

ICE Sprint 3x24
…but grew its 24″ front wheels back for a while.

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