Had a crash

Crashed with an other bicycle last week on the way home from work.
Apart from quite some bruises and road rash it went mostly well for us I guess, but Jan (my ‘opponent’) split his lip. I tried to call him two days later to hear how he’s doing but couldn’t reach him. Since he is about my age (not quite 30 anymore) the following day’s he probably felt like a truck ran over him, like I did…

After some heated words at first, we both realised the blame for the crash was relatively equally shared between us. He seemed like quite the nice guy and I hope his daughter didn’t frighten too much when she saw her blood stained father.

Anyway, my brand new 24″ front wheel set looked brand new for only about 230km.
I had to change some bend and broken spokes in the left wheel and nearly got the rim straightened again. Shame about the ripped jacket, gloves and trowsers, though. Since I flipped the trike in the crash it got its fair share of road rash as well…

Thats the second time I had a crash with the Sprint. Both times on a bicycle path. Last time it was a car whose driver didn’t care to look and crossed the bike path right in front of me. Counting in the numerous times I just got away, dodging cars, fellow cyclists and pedestrians, the figure of at least 2 times higher probability to have an accident on a bike path compared to taking the street sounds pretty reasonable to me.

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