SpearHead Coroplast Velomobile Kit

If you already own a tadpole trike and long for a velomobile without having multiple grands to spare, the SpearHead Coroplast Velomobile Kit might be the way to go.

While it’s not the first Coroplast shell somebody build for his trike (especially the Facet V1 comes to mind), but AFAIK this is the only CNC-waterjet cut Coroplast velomobile kit ready to mount on an ICE Sprint RS you can order at the moment.

SpearHead Velomobile

Compared to the ‘real’ fiber glass velomobile kits for the ICE Sprint (like the Challenger or Borealis V3), this pretty Coroplast kit is rather cheap at $748 + shipping.

If you haven’t got an ICE Sprint and are willing to design your own brackets for mounting the shell to your tadpole trike, the SpearHead kit comes even cheaper at an introductory price of $499 + shipping. Check out the overall dimensions of the SpearHead (PDF link)

Thats a complete velomobile shell for roughly the price of a Macrolon fairing like the TerraCycle Windwrap or HP Velotechnik Streamer!

SpearHead Coroplast Velomobile Kit lots of pieces

After his ‘Bullet’ velomobile shell this is the second coroplast velomobile design Rick constructed for his ICE Sprint and introduced in a lengthy thread in the BROL forum.

Well, I wouldn’t mind going back to 20″ front wheels to fit to the SpearHead shell to my Sprint. Unfortunately the shell would pose the same problem like a ‘real’ velomobile at the moment. No storage space. I would need a garage to park my trike at night. Looks like I have to place myself on the waiting lists for the garages in my area…

All images: Rick O’Brian

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