Velomo HiTrike

I already got quite exited last year when I saw the first images of the BuS-Velomo HiTrike prototype with its leaf spring front axle. (see ->Trike Haute Vitesse).

Now, after the Spezi in Germersheim, more images emerged in a thread in the German Velomobilforum and in the profile of co-constructor ‘Jack-Lee’, showing several frame versions of the HiTrike. While all images show the trikes with tiller steering, more common under seat steering will be available as well.

The HiTrike Pi
The HiTrike Pi (13kg) looks a lot like a contender to the ICE Vtx (14.9kg) but with full suspension and without a weight penalty. Starting at €3990 the Pi compares to the ICE Vtx as well.
At least if you don’t add the €1500 Pinion 1.18 gear box to it…

HiTrike Pi

Leaf spring front suspension
Velomo HiTrike Pi front suspension

Rear swing arm
Velomo HiTrike Pi rear

This HiTrike Pi frame version with suspended one-sided rear swing arm as well as the green rigid frame version reminds me of the Windcheetah.
Velomo HiTrike Pi rear one arm

Unsuspended HiTrike Pi with Pinion 1.18 gear box
Velomo HiTrike Pi rigid frame with Pinion 1.18

The HiTrike GT
Well, lets say that colour wouldn’t be my first choice. It also doesn’t look as gracefull as the Pi. Apart from that the HiTrike GT is likely comparable to the ICE Sprint FS, but at 12kg (26.5lbs) about 1/3 lighter!

HiTrike GT side

HiTrike GT

I would love to test ride both.

All Images: Bus-Velomo

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