Grin Tech Cycle Satiator 608 Universal Ebike Charger

Justin from Grin Tech just introduced their newest creation at Endless Sphere:
The Cycle Satiator 608: a 360W, rugged, waterproof (IP65), programmable (20 battery profiles), certified (!), universal ebike battery charger with graphic display, 90-240V AC input, 24V-60V DC output at up to 8A, supporting various battery chemistries (LiMn, LiFe, LiPo, NiCa, NiMh, SLA).

Here is the introductory thread at the Endless Sphere forum and direct download links to the PDF Satiator 608 brochure and latest draft of the Satiator 608 manual.


It looks like this is probably the first ebike battery charger that doesn’t suck and, once set up, easy and save to operate. While even at its introductory price of $250 (later $295) not exactly a bargain at first sight, compared to all these cheap generic Chinese ebike battery chargers it might save some money in the long run.
Since I’m at my 5th ‘cheap’ generic China charger within 3 years, these ‘cheap’ chargers (€79-99) tend to get rather expensive after a while…

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