Nose mount details

Simple mounting of the Kingcycle nose fairing clone from Mid Norfolk Mouldings.

the old light is temporary fixed to the nose with some Terostat IX sealant

Author bottle cage brackets

the existing braze-on’s used to screw an aluminium U-profile to the front boom as a non twistable mount to clamp the lower fairing boom to it with two hose clamps

the cockpit

Some things got tweaked since I made the images. The Cycle Analyst is under the stem now and not behind it anymore for instance… 😀
The new B&M IQ Cyo 75 volt front light is already on its way and will be mounted into the nose (if I can find my hole cutter…).

…as it happens the packet with the IQ Cyo was already waiting for me at my neighbour. Since it’s so tiny I will order a second one and mount them to each side of the nose, I think. No need to find the hole cutter.

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One Response to Nose mount details

  1. David Brant says:

    Love your set up.

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