Begorett Velomobile

So far the Begorett velomobile only looks like a design study.
At 40 kg weight and 1.08 m overall width I’d say it’s slightly overweight and at least 15 cm too wide to fit through obstacles if you leave the road.

That critique out-of-the-way, I really like the idea of four wheels and 26″ wheel size in a velomobile. I’ve got a fair share of bad roads as well as multiple train tracks and flap bridges on my daily commute and thus experimented with 24″ and 26″ front wheels on my Sprint again.

Begorett Velo black 01 here is a 360° view

The Begorett velomobile is build (or better say might be build) on an aluminium tube space frame and the designers focus obviously lays heavily on cycling safety.

Begorett Velo space frame here is an other 360° view

All images: Begorett Velomobile

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7 Responses to Begorett Velomobile

  1. Hans says:

    Hi Marc,

    This could interest you. The Quattrovelo by Allert Jacobs
    Still under development, but I had a look at the prototype at the SPEZi 2015 and it is really awesome. Blog is in Dutch and English so it’s easy to read.

    By the way great blog you’re writing. I’ll be keeping track of you! 8-))

    • Marc says:

      Hi Hans,
      I’m regularly checking the velomobiel blog to follow the developement of the Quattrovelo. 😉
      It’s a very interesting design. On top of that, the Quattrovelo is hitting the street in a forseeable future, while the Begorett velomobile might never see the daylight.


      • Hans says:

        Oh! Wow! That’s great. I did a search on your site with Quattrovelo and found nothing, so…

        Later I saw that you also were keeping tabs on Wim Schermer, so I knew at that point that my remark was most probably superfluous, but it was already posted. Anyway, keep up the good work!

        Really like your research on bigger wheels!
        Salut! Hans

  2. Begorett says:

    Thanks Hans to show our job. We had opened a pre order list. When we rise our target, we will start production.

    Best regards to all.

    • Marc says:

      Don’t you think you should start with a prototype and test it thoroughly?

      I’d preorder a Quattrovelo from after watching the developement from the test mule, to the first prototype, to the current production ready vehicle. They know what they are doing and delivered some 1,500 velomobiles in the last 15 years, or so.

      Intercitybikes just started building the first DF Quad and predict at least 6 month till they have it tested and ready for production.

      These guys have years of experiance in designing, building, selling and racing velomobiles, a shared production facility that cranks out 5-10 velomobiles a week, and a very good name in the scene. Not to forget a pretty solid customer service.

      Velomo quietly announced to have their first Quad Velo ready for testing in about 2 month. That would be their first velomobile, but they made their name with interresting recumbents and can claim to offer the lightest, fully suspended recumbend trike available (<11kg).

      Begorett had a head start with the design but now is already late to the party. You only delivered pretty renderings more than a year ago and didn't show any progress since then. How does your drivetrain look? What about the suspension?

  3. runcyclexcski says:

    Regarding 26″ wheels”: can one use smaller wheels, but fatter/softer tires (tyres)? E.g. ATVs use much smaller wheels but they have plenty of obstacles to overcome. I guess the speed would suffer…

    • Marc says:

      I think Allert from did some moped tyre rolling resistance tests. Compared to bicycle tyres, all tested moped tyres had worst rolling resistance.
      So no, you probably don’t want ATV tyres on a cycle, much less in a velomobile.

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