Wrapping the Valve

About two years ago, after one particularly nice but salty winter, I’ve found a very corroded valve hole in one of my rims. Sticking a nickel-plated brass valve in a hollow aluminium rim and pickling it for month creates a perfect example for galvanic corrosion.

corroded valve hole The corroded valve hole after some cleaning. It had orginally the same diameter as the spoke holes.

Since then, I was wrapping some tape around the valve stem and used two rubber O-rings to electrically isolate the aluminium rim from the nickel-plated valve stem to see if that prevents corrosion of my rims in the future.

Valve with tape and o-rings

One O-ring goes inside between rim and tube, the other O-ring on the outside between rim and nut.

Valve in rim

It really works. No nasty corroded valve holes since then.

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2 Responses to Wrapping the Valve

  1. Neil Biers says:

    Outstanding! Really glad I found this article and thank you very much for providing the information!

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