DIY truing stand

I think I’ve mentioned that I did build several wheels sets for the Sprint in recent time.
A P&K Lie truing stand is slightly out of my reach and I hesitated spending money for a cheap truing stand when I could build one myself.

A length of 25 x 3 mm aluminium tube, a piece of 40 x 60 mm aluminium bracket, a M10 all-thread rod and an old dial indicator where at hand, the piece of water-resistant plywood, a piece of zink-plated steel plate, some washers and some M10 nuts came from the local hardware store. Ebay provided the cheap magnet stand for the dial indicator.

DIY truing stand

The construction is fairly simple. A piece of 15 mm plywood as a base, two pieces of thread rod, two pieces of aluminium tube, two brackets to mount the wheels, three M10 drive-in nuts to screw the thread rods to the plywood base, four M10 nuts, four washers. The steel plate is glued to the plywood to provide a base for the magnet stand. I’ve drilled three holes in the plywood to mount the stands accordingly for 100 mm and 135 mm wide hubs.

Shame on me that I didn’t remember how much I’ve learned to hate these cheap Chinese magnet stands for dial indicators when working with grinding machines. Since you don’t true a bicycle wheel to 0.01 mm I thought I can get away with a cheap €25 magnet stand. It works ok, but next time I’ll get a better one anyway.

Hub motor test stand

It works quite well as a crude hub motor test stand too. That’s my new Bafang BPM2 btw. (and my cat)

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