The Blue ICE

Several month ago I’ve bought a lightly used blue ICE Sprint 26 frame by chance.

Blue ICE frame

It lived a quite dormant live under the living room table since then and the hunting for components began. While blue wouldn’t have been my first colour choice for an ICE Trike, it looks rather pretty with the silver components, I think.

Blue ICE 3x26

About a grand later, it is standing on its own feet (err wheels) now, waiting for new head set bearings to arrive. I think, apart from mounting the head sets and chain, the ‘Blue ICE’ is about ready to get rolling soon.

While I’ve got a nice looking polished silver crank set mounted at first, by an other chance I’ve stumbled across a 2-speed Patterson Metropolis crank set.

Blue ICE - Patterson Metropolis

The brushed finish of the Metropolis is rather crude and the 175mm crank length is unfortunately a bit too long for me. The mechanical design of the 2-speed Metropolis on the other hand is quite sound. It was on sale and at 1/3 of the regular price I don’t mind drilling new pedal threads for a 160mm crank length and give it a nice polish one day. But first I like to ride it a bit and if it’s as nice to use as I hope, I might order a second one for the ‘old’ black Sprint.

For now, I’ve put a 26″ wheel with 9-speed cassette and Shimano XT RD-M772 9-speed derailleur in the rear and 26″ wheels with 90mm Sturmey Archer drum brakes at the front. That might change soon, if I get a wide, shiny silver 24″ double walled rim with 36 holes (unfortunately a bit hard to come by).

I’m not exactly sure about the front wheel set-up yet and alternated between 20″, 24″ and 26″ front wheels every other week to look at. *sigh*

While I will use Sturmey Archer drum brakes hubs, in 20″ there are currently a new set of polished Sun Rhyno lite rims in 406 size and an other new set of very pretty, narrow, polished Ukai Z rims in 451 size to choose from.

Rhyno Lite 406-Ukai Z 451 chrome

On the other hand, I’ve got a freshly build set of 24″ front wheels with 40mm wide downhill rims, Author disc hubs and Avid BB7 brakes ready for testing, but since the rims are black anodised they might better fit to the black Sprint.

Chances are the ‘Blue ICE’ get’s some kind of electric drive later, but for the time being it stays a cycle. Whether it might get a heavy 9C hub motor, or a much lighter slow wound RV-100 Revolt outrunner with a one stage chain reduction drive to the rear brake disk adapter, I have no idea yet.

An other new ‘feature’, the under-seat-pockets:
ICE mesh seat with Lowepro side pockets

I just found out my old Lowe Alpine backpack side pockets fit the new ICE mesh seat rather nicely. I think they are discontinued, though.

The silver handle bar stem might get used to mount a head rest and the rear light, we’ll see.

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