Blue ICE Updates

While I use the black Sprint on my daily commute, the blue Sprint stayed dormant in its quarters since September. What a shame, but the weather was pretty bad at times and since I had no panniers for it, it wasn’t a very practical fine weather commuter, either.

Ok, the pannier problem could be easily solved with a pair of waterproof, 20 liters, Ortlieb Back-Roller City, but I’ve got a pair of really big (35 liters!), waterproof, white, Ortlieb XPress messenger bags that make some perfectly fine recumbent panniers when ‘updated’ with Ortlieb QL1 quick release hooks. A ‘50%-more-pannier-space-for-20%-of-the-cost-solution’ that’s actually better suited for a recumbent was just too good to ignore. Its quite a shame Ortlieb discontinued the XPress messenger bags about a decade ago.

The next best thing, apart from the Ortlieb Recumbent Bag, are the Ortlieb ‘Moto’ motorcycle panniers, but they only come in black and since 2016 disappeared from the Ortlieb website… (Ha! Touratch now offers the Ortlieb ‘Moto’ panniers under their ‘Touratech Waterproof’ label)
Instead of a rear rack, I’ve simply used two 10mm stainless steel tubes directly mounted to the rear frame.

Blue ICE with Ortlieb XPress_web

It needed some other ‘refinements’ as well. The battery wasn’t finished, it’s now located in two Ortlieb Outer Pockets size L directly under the mesh seat.
The temporary installed old Bafang SWXH had to make way for a new Bafang BPM. At the front a 42t chain ring was installed to the Patterson Metropolis 2-speed transmission to provide a higher top gear with the 13-32t freewheel.

Blue ICE_Bafang BPM_Almotion

The new Cycle Analyst V3 is installed, but needs further tweaking for smooth operation with the KU123 controller. I’ve used the Cycle Analyst V3 profiles from the black Sprint with direct drive hub motor and tweaked them a bit to better match the geared Bafang BPM hub motor, but power comes still way too jerky due to its higher torque.

Blue ICE Cockpit_CA V3 Cockpit view

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