The black Sprint
I use two plain B&M Lumotec IQ Cyo 70 lux head lights mounted to the nose cone of my black Sprint and I’m relatively pleased with the result. The beam pattern is pretty wide and goes far enough even at my sometimes ‘slightly’ elevated speed without being a nuisance to oncoming traffic. On top of that, the light spilled to the white nose cone makes me way more noticeable from the front and the side, than the small head light alone:

ICE Sprint black Seitenansicht

I do object to mindlessly bright front lights without defined beam pattern that blind oncoming traffic since I think it’s a) a nuisance to other road users, b) dangerous, since blinding oncoming traffic is endangering myself and others, c) simply not cool.

The same applies to super bright rear lights in my book. I believe pissing-off the guy behind me doesn’t make me safer on the road. Using three B&M Toplight Flat S battery rear lights in a triangular pattern, mimicking a braking car, is more noticeable and my distance is way more predictable from the rear. Regular positive comments of car drivers about the visibility of the trike on the road confirm this.

ICE Sprint rear lights_web

The blue Sprint
Currently my old Trelock LS 950 ION is mounted to the boom, but while at 70 lux it’s relatively bright, its way too narrow beam pattern is woefully inadequate for a trike.

I have to look at other options. I don’t care much about actual STVZO compliance. As long as the beam pattern doesn’t blind oncoming traffic, no cop will object.


At the rear, two B&M Toplight Flat S battery rear lights mounted to the mesh seat frame provide good visibility, but since they’re mounted a bit lower than the top of the rear wheel, some improvements could be made.
For a start I could install a headrest to raise the lights above the rear wheel, but since the ICE head rest does not fit to the ICE mesh seat and the ICE hard shell seat (I got one already waiting to be mounted to the blue Sprint), the current solution has to make due.

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