Phase Runner Motor Controller

I wouldn’t bother you in telling the story how the Phase Runner motor controller came to be. There is a lengthily thread in the Endless Sphere forum, covering its whole development. Justin gives a short discription of the Phase Runner in this video:

The Phase Runner
Here are the rudimental specs, as stated by Grin Tech:
Grin Phase Runner, Compact Field-Oriented Waterproof Motor Controller.
90V Max and 96 A Peak Phase Currents (~40A Continuous). Its specs allow it to drive electric motors up to 60,000 eRPM (eRPM = actual motor RPM times pole pairs).

no kidding about compact size!


only four wires coming out of the controller

The Setup Software
But it’s not only the small, high quality, waterproof, motor controller with its pretty impressive specs. Grin Tech developed a controller Setup Software Suite, available for Windows, Linux and (since today) MacOS-X!

Since the controller would not run ‘out-of-the-box’ with your electric motor, the Phase Runner software is key.

PhaserWarmup0.91_Basic Setup

The Cycle Analyst V3

If you don’t have a Cycle Analyst V3 already, you’ll probably want one. It’s the display and ‘intelligent’ front end of the Phase Runner.
With an external CA V3 Shunt the Cycle Analyst V3 will work with any other motor controller as well, though.


All images: Grin Tech

The bad news
This ain’t no 50 bucks controller, soldered together in a Chinese back yard, with a dozen funny wires coming out of one side.

The Phase Runner is a pretty sophisticated, widely configurable enthusiast device, costing $295. That isn’t exactly cheap, but is designed to last.
-You have to read the Phase Runner thread in the Endless Sphere forum.
-You have to plug it to a computer and set it up with its Setup Software to get it running!

If you stumble into hiccups, the Grin Tech team and the Phase Runner users in the friendly Endless Sphere forum will help you get it running, but you have to do it yourself.

If these requirements don’t scare you, proceed. It ain’t rocket science but might take a bit of a learning curve.

I’ve ordered one. It looks like the perfect motor controller for the Blue ICE.

Grin Tech proved already with the Cycle Analyst V3 and the waterproof Cycle Satiator ebike charger (plus a couple of other devices I never used and can’t comment on) they are determined to develop and produce devices for ebikes that do not suck.
Their customer service is first-rate as well.

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