The WAW got rear suspension

Katanga did refine the WAW when they took over production and distribution from Fietser in 2012. The new WAW is built to a higher standard using completely new molds, resulting in a noticeably better fit and finish. Hence the new the 2014 model of the WAW was dubbed ‘WAW@2014’.

The hard work obviously paid off, since Katanga could state in their newsletter from February 2016 that 2015 saw the highest production number in the history of the WAW.

Still missing was the rear suspension…

Finally, among other updates like new front and rear cowlings, the WAW@2016 got an optional rear suspension! Adding 1.7kg to the curb weight and €472 to the bill, it needs the new ‘T3’ rear cowling but can be retrofitted to the current 2014 model as well!

WAW 2016 rear suspension_1

WAW 2016 rear suspension_2

WAW 2016 rear suspension_3

WAW@2016 rear suspension in action:

All images: Katanga

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