RANS XStream 26

Recently, I’ve bought myself a birthday gift: A RANS XStream 26 recumbent bike.

Not exactly the kind of bike I had in mind to fend off Zombies, but could be my ticket to finally start riding some brevets. If I can manage to ride that wiggly thing…


Initially, the idea was to get a two-wheeled recumbent that is a bit more efficient than a trike and easier to put on a train for longer tours.
Well, this thing is nearly as long as a tandem bike and was designed to race and win RAAM in 2009, I think (the RANS team did win that year on the XStream).
So, putting my new two-wheeled thoroughbred on a train might likely never happen.

Hadn’t found time to set it up yet. Almost all parts I need are at hand, I think. Guess what I’m doing this winter. 😉

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