Blue ICE and Marathon Winter

I’ve just mounted some Schwalbe Marathon Winter spike tyres and did a 13km test run ’round the block’. Schwalbe recently introduced the Marathon Winter in a wider 50-559 size and it’s are a perfect match for the pair of 24″ Marathon Winter already waiting to go on the Blue ICE.

Schwalbe Marathon Winter in 47-507


First impression: Damn they’re loud! No chance to sneak-up on somebody from behind. 🙂
Grip is really good, but I’ve encountered little ice today. Maybe I’m more ‘lucky’ on my commute tomorrow. Their higher rolling resistance is noticable.



The other new thing are a pair of silver Ortlieb XPress in size ‘S’.


Some guy sold two of them at Ebay in ‘as new’ condition and I couldn’t resist. While the Ortlieb XPress come-up for sale from time to time, getting a pair in identical condition isn’t easy. It’s a shame Ortlieb stopped manufacturing these sturdy messenger bags about a decade ago.
All necessary parts, to convert the bags to recumbent panniers, where already at hand. The ‘small’ (2x 15 liter) XPress are more sensible panniers for daily commuting than the huge (2x 35 liter), white, Ortlieb XPress in size ‘L’ I’ve used so far.

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