Aero Bullet Velomobile Shell

I’ve mentioned the Aero Bullet velomobile shell from AEM in Florida some time ago in an older post about velomobile shells for trikes. While the first production shells were made from fiber glass, they’re now made from carbon fiber. No mention of the weight of the raw shell, but at $1,100 a piece (+ shipping) certainly at an interesting price.

While the raw shell is not much to look at, ‘Tonyscat’ build an impressively looking velomobile shell for his Catrike Road out of it. Thankfully he also documented his build in this blog post.


I’m especially impressed that he uses 24″ wheels!

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4 Responses to Aero Bullet Velomobile Shell

  1. Tony Grant says:

    Allan Adderley sent me photos of the new CF floor and mounting brackets for the Catrike Expedition version, the body now has scoops for brake cooling, a CF tail and a headrest. I am now thinking of buying a Catrike instead of a HP Velotechnik Gekko because this kit is so good looking.

  2. Tony Grant says:

    Here is the new kit:

    $1495 + $150 box + shipping
    10.43 kg

  3. Tony Grant says:

    I forgot – 30% speed gain in testing over a naked trike.

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