Shifter shopping

I’m busy searching online for missing parts to build-up the ‘new’ trike. Fortunately, a friendly user in the German recumbent forum offered a spare boom for a good price.

The new Patterson Metropolis need to get its 175mm cranks chopped to 155mm size, but since everybody was busy with SPEZI, I didn’t bother to send it on its way yet.

Bar End Shifter
A quick look at the spare Dura Ace bar end shifter kits revealed their bad shape.
Looks like the ‘spares’ are already in use… Crap.

I like bar end shifter, but the 9-speed Dura Ace neither have a reputation for longevity (the ratcheting of the right hand shifter likes to fail prematurely, while in friction mode they might last forever), nor do they feel or look particularly great.

Dura Ace down tube shifter in Dura Ace bar end shifter pods definately look better, but I’m not certain they last longer or similarly will work only reliably in friction mode.
I’ll keep them in mind for a later ‘update’.

Since Rivendale wax poetic about the smooth operation of Dia-Compe Silver shifters, I’ll give them a try. They’re friction mode only, but thats actually something I don’t mind.

The Shimano bar end shifter pods are already at hand and I don’t mind to save 40 bucks, hence I’ve ordered a Silver shifter down tube kit.

I’ve given one of my old bar end pods a quick rub with super fine sand paper to remove the ratty silver paint. With a bit of polish they could look rather nice.

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