Meet Nasty

This is ‘Nasty’, my new ride.
The unholy offspring of a once dazzling ICE Vortex+ mixed with some Vortex 2 DNA.*

Her 24″ front wheels were built with 25-507 Alienation Insurgent rims to fit a pair of 24″ Kojak’s. Unfortunately, with the original ICE Vortex handlebar the 24″ front tyres would rub on the brake handles when cornering, hence I’ve ordered an adjustable handlebar.

A new Patterson Metropolis is send away to have the 175mm cranks chopped to a more useful length. I’m not planning to install a hub motor, but she might get a paint job.

* its a white, 2012 Vortex+ front frame with 2012 ICE hard shell seat, combined with the black, foldable rear frame of the 2010 Vortex 2.

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