First Ride

The postman came and delivered the new handle bar and chain.
I couldn’t resist and made ‘Nasty’ roadworthy.

She rides actually a lot smoother than I though. The rear fender definitely needs a little ‘spoiler’ similar to the fender of the blue ICE.

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4 Responses to First Ride

  1. Tony Grant says:

    How long are your cranks cut down to? A close up of the adjustable handlebars would be nice too… 🙂

  2. Tony Grant says:

    Thanks! What about the 165 Patterson cranks? I am 1.79 cm and reasonably strong with a cadence of about 80-90. Do you think the 165 would suit me?

    • Marc says:

      Hard to say.
      I’m 4 cm shorter, pedal at about the same cadence and use a Patterson with 165mm cranks in the blue Sprint. It seems the lenght works fine for me on short distances, but after about 90km, my knees hurt.

      You should try 165mm cranks for a time, before getting a Patterson in that length. The Patterson cranks in 175 mm lenght offer enough material to safely shorten them to 155 mm, but the 165 mm cranks do not.
      I’m contemplating to have the 165 mm Patterson shortened, but then it will end somewhere between 140-145 mm crank lenght.

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