More ‘Nasty’ images

Changed the front wheels to a wheel set with sturdier rims (DMR DeeVee 32-507), shod with Schwalbe Shredda Evo 50-507. The worn-in Shredda handle much better than the new Kojak.

The brand new drum brakes felt a bit weak yesterday, but after 30km or so the brake pads where worn-in and worked pretty nicely today.

At the rear, the Kojak 50-559 had to make way for a faster and grippier Marathon Almotion 55-559 as well. Changing the tyres was definitely a good decision.

New take on the rear lights. This time two B&M Toplight Flat S battery rear lights in vertical orientation on both sides of the seat.

The ‘custom’ handlebar isn’t finished, yet. Currently it got a stock 90mm ICE handlebar stem. It’s a bit too short for the 24″ wheels. With a longer stem the mirrors better clear the front wheels. To add a visual accent, a polished 120mm stem is on order.

The left and right hand ‘handlebars’ are actually made from a cut down RANS B-41 handlebar. The Dia-Compe ‘Silver’ bar end shifter are pretty nice, btw.

The seat pad still needs some work. I’ve removed the central foam pad to slim it down a bit, but didn’t glue it back yet. The new Ventisit pad is probably the way to go, but IMO the old Vortex seat just looks stunning. It does feel a bit hard at the shoulder blades, though.

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2 Responses to More ‘Nasty’ images

  1. Tony Grant says:

    Like! +1 πŸ™‚

    You sure make a mean looking trike Marc! I can see this one getting an obscenely powerful motor in the future.

    • Marc says:


      Naa, I’ve got two trikes with slightly obscene motors already. The hard shell seat can’t carry big batteries, anyway. This one ‘should’ stay a bike, but might get some obscene wheels (wheel building! Yay!). πŸ™‚

      I have to admid though, I had a spare Cycle Analyst and the tiny Phaserunner controller in my hands this morning. A small and light 250W Bagier CST hub motor is looking for a purpose, as well. πŸ˜‰
      That ‘purpose’ might be insinde a 700c wheel with a H Plus Son SL42 rim. Along the lines of Jim Bolf’s awesome 3×700 QNT

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