Completing ‘Nasty’

‘Nasty’ is more or less complete by now. After some more rummaging in the parts bin, she got a head rest, a B+M IQ-X E (150 lux) front light and a third rear light.

To move the handle bars a bit back for more space to the front wheels, I’ve installed a 120mm handle bar stem and put a small light switch into it.

Turning circle of ‘Nasty’ with the 24″ front wheels, 70cm track width and 1.2m wheel base is about 5m (the same as the Blue ICE, btw). ICE Trikes states the turning cycle of the stock ICE Vtx as 7.4m and that of the ICE Sprint X as 5.4m.

The three rear lights. The one mounted to the head rest is a B+M Toplight View E, the two mounted low to the rear frame are batterie powered B+M Toplight Flat S.
The rear wheel blocks at least one of them from most rear angles, but with all three of them lit, the trike is pretty visible from the rear, without obnoxious blinking.

The B+M IQ-X E (6-60V) ebike front light. At 150 lux it outshines most available bike front lights, while providing a wide beam pattern with a clear cut-off at the top of the beam to avoid blinding oncoming traffic. Unfortunately its pretty Nylon mount is prone to vibration, hence I’m using one of the older B+M ‘steel wire’ mounts.

Still missing:
-the old rod end bearings are shot, but since IGUS only send half my order I’ll have to wait a few days more till the two remaining rod end bearings arrive, to fix that.
-the 15 tooth Nylon idler from Alligt makes the drive train whisper quiet, but is unfortunately slightly too small. Without the chain tubes, the chain would saw through the seat in the lowest gears…
-the rear wheel rim is too narrow for the Marathon Almotion. The wide tyre refuses to seat well on this narrow rim. I’ve got a wide rim on the Bafang CST that will come off, but first the new rim for that hub motor has to arrive.

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