Custom ICE Race Trike on Ebay

In case you didn’t know, ICE Trikes has a little Ebay ‘outlet store’.
Currently ICE Trikes is offering the personal, one-of-a-kind, custom designed race trike from Ben Dickinson (former World Trike champion), one of ICE Trikes designers.

It got a hand brazed steel frame that reminds me of an early, custom build Trice. At a mere 13.3kg (without pedals), or 12.7kg without carbon wheel covers, a truly lightweight trike.

If you are looking for a truly custom build ICE Trike, this is the time! I don’t have the funds available at the moment, otherwise this blog post would feature my newest toy.

Interesting take on the handlebar design with the rod ends on top.

The rear frame and seat mount. Nothing stock here. I’d love for ICE Trikes to implement this adjustable front seat mount in their trikes!

Check-out the Ebay offering for the full description and a lot more images. There is also a thread at BentRider about the trike.

All images: ICE Trikes (with kind permission)

Update 2017-06-26
The trike sold for £4,600. Not too shabby.

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One Response to Custom ICE Race Trike on Ebay

  1. Ohhhh boy I would love that!!

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