ICE Sprint DIY Battery Bracket

Sometimes comes the question, where and how to mount the battery to a trike.

The best place I found, is mounting the battery directly to the seat tubes, hanging low under the seat for enhanced cornering stability. The worst place for a heavy battery is on the rear rack, followed by mounting the battery on the front boom.

This is my DIY battery bracket. The right hand side bracket in this case, shown from both sides. Two half coupler mounted to a 100mm wide, 3mm thick aluminium plate.

And here the battery bracket mounted to the trike seat. If you use two of them, they leave enough space the mount the motor controller between them.

My batteries are inside waterproof Ortlieb outer pockets size L.

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3 Responses to ICE Sprint DIY Battery Bracket

  1. Tony Lopes says:

    Great idea! I see how you’re using the half couplers to mount the aluminum plate to the seat bars, but how do the bags mount to the aluminum? Looks like they are somehow strapped on. What are the smaller plates for? And that knob near the small plates? Trying to see how I could duplicate this design… thanks!

    • Marc says:

      Thake a closer look at the rear of the Ortlieb bags in the last image. They have two strong plastic mounts riveted to the bags (riveted to a padded sheet of plastic inside the bag).

      The smaller, 60mm wide, aluminium plates are mounted with three washers between them and the 100mm wide base plate, to create a gap (see third image). The plastic mounts of the Ortlieb bags slip over the 60mm aluminium plates.

      The ‘small knob’ is actually a screw that prevents the Ortlieb bags from slipping off the battery mount.

      The Velcro strap takes most of the load (the 36V/22Ah batteries weight 5kg each) and prevent the bag from swinging side to side. On the left hand side, the Velcro strap also secures the Abus U-Lock (see first image).

      • Tony Lopes says:

        Thanks for the extra details! Nice idea and clean looking; now to find those bags. I really like the placement location weightwise and looks fairly stealth too. Was considering mounting to the water bottle bosses on the front boom, but not an ideal place for the weight and less stealthy.

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