Arcus Velomobile on Tour

Arto Joutsimäki and two friends started their German tour with a Arcus velomobile and two trikes yesterday. They are retracing the bicycle tour Finnish photographer I. K. Inha did in 1886.

I went to Ratzeburg to accompany them on their first ride day of the tour from Lübeck to Arlenburg. Fortunately, they where not particularly hard to find.

A HPV Scorpion FS 20, Azub Tricon and Arcus velomobile waiting patiently in front of the Turkish Restaurant in Ratzeburg, who graciously led us charge our batteries.

The Arcus velomobile

The Arcus velomobile is actually a velomobile shell for a full suspended ICE Sprint trike, designed by Arto Joutsimäki. If you want to fit a different trike model to the Arcus, you should contact Arto which other trikes models will fit as well.

Arto and his Arcus

The three Finnish musketeers, eeh…, recumbent riders. Freshly strengthened by pizza.

After showing-off my outstanding navigational skills (I led them astray on the way out of Ratzeburg), Arto chose to rely on his smart phone to find the right way (good choice!).

Next stop was in Mölln, where Arto had to change a front tyre with a badly worn sidewall.

The bad tyre

In Güster we had a small break to eat some cake.

The next stop was at the Gasthaus Lanzer See for dinner (and a little recharge), but they are closed on Mondays. Fortunately for the guys, there was a live plug.

Jörn came with his DF velomobile to pilot us to Arlenburg. They met in Finnland in 2014 on the Great Baltic Sea Ride.

I’ve really enjoyed the ride with these guy’s! I hope they have a great time and don’t encounter too much rain in the next two weeks.

My round trip from Hamburg to Ratzeburg, further to Arlenburg and back home was 162km with a 25.7km/h average. Overall cunsumption was 1,777Wh or 10.9Wh/km.

Check out Arto’s Day 3 tour report in his Arcus Velomobile German Tour travel blog and the track on RideWithGPS:

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2 Responses to Arcus Velomobile on Tour

  1. Tony Grant says:

    Marc a question about your average speed and energy use:

    – that is about the average speed I do on my upright trekking bike with 250 W mid-motor
    – I am at about 7.5 Wh/km (I was as low as 5.4 Wh/km on my old hub motor bike)

    I was under the impression that bent was more energy efficient and an un-faired trike has about the same frontal area as a time trial rider so faster then an upright bike?

    • Marc says:

      Well, how do I put it…
      First, I started a bit late to meet the guys in Ratzeburg at around noon and later, on my way home, chased the DF velomobile for a little while.
      So, a recumbent trike is more energy efficient than an upright bike, but only if both travel at the same speed. 🙂
      I’ve also had to rely a bit more on the motor than planned, because my knee started acting-up around 100km into the ride.

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