New Fender for ‘Nasty’

I’ve finally managed to order a new rear fender for the Vortex. Well, actually its a SKS front fender.

The old fender was a tiny bit too short and its silver color didn’t quite fit as well.

I think it looks much prettier with the black fender. The little ‘spoiler’ on the slightly longer fender doesn’t block the rear light anymore, either.

The only thing left to ‘finish’ Nasty, are changing the currently mounted old Trice kingpins to ICE kingpins. While the Trice kingpins work, they are designed for 1″ screw-in headsets and current ICE trikes, like the Vortex, use 1″ FSA Orbit-X headsets.

Well, to actually finish the trike, I should spend the used Vortex front frame a new powder coating. Its original white powder coating looks rather ratty. Since I haven’t decided on the colour yet, that will probably take some time. The most obvious choice would be black, though.

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2 Responses to New Fender for ‘Nasty’

  1. Tony Grant says:

    I have a similar one mounted and still get a bit of water down my neck, the price to pay for sexy good looks…

    • Marc says:

      True. The funny thing is, I got exactly the same fender on the Blue ICE and the little ‘spoiler’ blocks water and dirt rather well.

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