DIY Trailer

For a long time I was looking for a decent trailer.
The Carry Freedom Y-Frame and Hinterher trailer where on my shortlist, but neither convinced me completely, when I had a good look at them. The wheels of both trailers didn’t meet my standards, but I liked the elasomere ‘Loolypop’ hitch from Carry Freedom and the towing bar, towing bar bracket and axle brackets from Hinterher.

The Carry Freedom Lollypop hitch:

Hence, I ordered the parts I liked and went on to build my own trailer over the weekend.
A 70 liter aluminum box was at hand and the spare 26″ front wheel set with 90mm drum brake hubs seemed like a good wheel choice. The wheels also opened-up the possibility to relatively simply add brakes to ‘my’ trailer.

The brakes:
I wanted a parking brake and a second brake I could actuate together with the rear wheel brake of the trike.

The underside of the trailer. The M12 thread rod ‘axle’ is kind of a beta solution. The plan is to change it to a 12mm stainless steel axle later.

A close-up of the brake mechanic:

The first test ride:

With empty box and 3bar tire pressure, the trailer was annoyingly loud and a bit ‘jumpy’. Lowering the tire pressure to 2bar made the whole thing much quieter.

Since then, the inside of the box got covered with very thin, dense, closed cell foam, that made the trailer a great deal quieter.
Empty, the center of gravity is a bit too high with the narrow track and 26″ wheels. Loaded with grocery’s, the trailer behaves pretty nicely, though.

Update March 2019:
I’ve build a new trailer hitch:

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3 Responses to DIY Trailer

  1. edrupp says:

    Sehr schön gemacht. Mein Trike zieht nur einmal im Jahr den Hänger und dafür reichte die billigste Version mit einer Klappkiste.

  2. Tony Grant says:

    Is your rear brake just a parking brake? Where did you put the lever?

    • Marc says:

      The brake lever for the rear brake of the trike is mounted to the left handlebar (similar to the rear brake lever on the Milan, but mounted a bit higher for better reach). The ‘rear brake lever’ is actually a friction shifter. I can easily reach the lever with my thumb and if the friction is activated, it works as a parking brake. Without friction and careful use, it works as a rear wheel brake.

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