Lights for the Milan

Since bicycle lights don’t really cut it above a certain speed, the Milan will get some LED motorcycle lights.

A Highsider LED Dual Stream 3in1 headlight. Headlight, high beam and parking light in a relatively small package. Its 739 Lumen should suffice… 😉

The even smaller Highsider Satellite was on my shortlist for a while, but I really wanted a high beam, as well. While there is a Satellite High Beam version available, two of them would be bulkier (and more expensive).
A 520 Lumen headlight plus a 800 Lumen high beam ain’t nothing to sneeze at, though.

Rear lights
The Kellermann 3in1 Bullet 1000 DF is one of these awesome looking rear lights you find on a high-end custom motorbike. It got rear light, brake light and indicator light combined in a small, 39mm diameter pod.

I liked the idea from the start, but what really sold it was the matt-chrome finish.

It also helped my budget, that the matt-chrome versions are on sale at the moment. 🙂

I’m still undecided if I’ll add a Highsider String to it. With its 10.5mm width, it should fit perfectly on the narrow rear edge of the Milan and its brake light LEDs could act as a rear fog light.

Front indicator lights
At first, I thought of the tiny Kellermann Atto, especially the Atto WL version.

At 10mm diameter the Atto seemed appropriate for a velomobile, but I wanted something a bit bigger (they also don’t come in matt-chrome finish).

Hence, I’ve ordered a matching pair of Kellermann Bullet 1000 PL white front indicator lights, with a white position light in ring form.

To control headlight, high beam, indicators, hazard light, rear lights, brake lights, horn and the programming, from only four small momentary switches at the handle bars, I choose the tiny Joost Elektronikbox H.

The Kellermann iMAS CR4 even got a alarm function on top, but I found it too late and the Joost was already ordered.

To provide 12V for the lights from the 36V/22Ah electric assist battery, or the smaller 18V/11Ah battery at hand (if I choose to take the electric assist out to ride a brevet), I got a potted 15-72V to 12V converter.

The whole package will add some drag to the slick aerodynamic profile of the Milan (especially the front indicators), but I prefer to have some front lights higher up and to the sides, to give car drivers the chance to see me in their rear mirrors.

Update April 2019:
I’m not sure if I could recommend the Highsider Dual Stream headlight for a real motorcycle, but for a velomobile its light beam is completely sufficient even on dark, curvy, country roads at 70+km/h.

The Kellermann Bullet 1000 are pretty heavy lights made from chrome-plated brass and hence wouldn’t be a sensible choice for a light weight, carbon fiber velomobile, but weight wasn’t my concern. More images here.

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2 Responses to Lights for the Milan

  1. I like them, might be using these on my next carbon fiber project! I can guess they are relatively heavy, but I like that they are very well made (built to survive all that rumbling on the back of a motorcycle) a product that works great and I don’t have to fiddle with in 6 months. …. And very bright, found a video on Youtube! Also how they light up the turtledeck when dark out.

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