DFxl SPAI in Milan GT

Ymte send me a carbon fiber DFxl SPAI (stagnation point air intake) and I’ve managed to fit it into the nose of the Milan. The Highsider head light needed a bigger hole and I’m pretty sure I will appreciate the bigger air intake when it gets warmer*.

DFxl SPAI with Highsider Dual Stream

It wasn’t without difficulties, though. The shape of the DF nose is different than the Milan nose. Gradually I’ve cut the hole in the Milan bigger and bigger, while cutting the DF air intake shorter and shorter, till it was flexible enough to make it fit. Luckily, the GFK-Milan is also a bit flexible.

The original light holes in the Milan GT

Second or third cut

At first, I wasn’t sure which way the SPAI would make a better fit

Quite a gap. There was a similar wide gap at the underside, as well

View of the SPAI and head light from the inside.

*for riding in cold weather, the big air intake will get some kind of flap or even a movable valve, later.

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