NoMoorGas Demo in Fischerhude

Henning from invited us to attend the NoMoorGas demonstration against new gas gathering in the area, to officially participate at the event in Fischerhude with some velomobiles.

We met at Henning’s place where he and his family welcomed us with an opulent breakfast (no photo, left the camera in the Milan and was busy eating and chatting).

Then we went into the yard to put some decals on our velomobiles in support of the cause of the NoMoorGas citizen’s initiative against gas gathering in the area. The red X mark is their logo.

We counted six Milan, two Quest, a WAW, a HPV Scorpion S-Pedelec and a mid racer.

The only time I’ve ever seen that many Milan velomobiles in one place, was at Räderwerk.

The luggage for the little tour

Since Fischerhude is a bit over 100km south of Hamburg, I cycled 220km that day.

Well to be honest, the little hub motor prevented me from killing myself cycling up the long inclines of the Harburg Hills and due to the very light traffic, I could let the Milan fly downhill on the B75. Hence, my average speed over the entire distance was an astonishing 43km/h. Top speed on the downhill stretches was an exhilarating 87,4km/h.

The most exiting part was on the way back, coming down from Rosengarten through Harburg on the highway. On the steady 4 or 5km downhill stretch I could easily maintain the speed limit of 50-70km/h till the exit at the Harburg train station. In fact it was so easy that I started to freeze and had to stop and grab my shirt. The Milan is awesome!

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