The Shredda Evo 40-406 is finally gone

Today, Theo from congratulated me for ordering the very last Shredda Evolution in 40-406 size from his stock.

last Shredda 40-406

Since bought all remaining stock of the Shredda Evo in 40-406 size when Schwalbe discontinued the tire about three years ago, it seems the Shredda Evo just achieved unobtanium status.

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3 Responses to The Shredda Evo 40-406 is finally gone

  1. Tony Grant says:

    What tyre are you going to use after that is worn out?

    • Marc says:

      Hi Tony,

      It seems the unofficial successor of the Shredda Evo is the Schwalbe G-One Speed in 40-406, but I’ll first try the Continental Contact Speed in 28-406. Since the Conti is narrower, it doesn’t scrape on the wheel wells of the Milan around narrow corners and compared to the Shredda Evo and G-One Speed, is much cheaper.

    • Marc says:

      Ok, little update:
      I didn’t tried the G-One Speed yet, but the Conti Contact Speed is neither quick, nor grippy enough to replace the Shredda Evo. The Speed Contact was rather a disappointment.
      However, I’ve tried the Maxxis DTH and quite like it as a Shredda replacement.

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