Nasty got a new frame

After nearly three years since the creation of the Vortex mongrel, “Nasty” is finally pretty. The new 2019 ICE VTX cruciform looks gorgeous. (thanks again Patrick!)

Basically, it was a 2013 Vortex front frame mated to a 2010 Vortex 2 rear frame and 2013 Vortex hard shell seat, equipped with 24″ front wheels.

Why? Because the parts where at hand, I like the handling of ICE Trikes with 24″ front wheels very much and the 2010 Vortex rear frame can easily fit a 42-622 tire on a 700 rear wheel (with fender!), that the current VTX rear frame doesn’t.

Since the original VTX handlebar doesn’t work with 24″ tires at all, the handlebar is made from a ICE central tube, a chopped-down RANS B-41 handlebar and a polished 120mm stem.

While it currently got a 26″ rear wheel, changing to a 700 wheel is slightly faster than changing a tire. I only have to realign the fender for the bigger wheel and the disk brake for the different rear wheel hub. To make the latter part easier, it now got a TRP Spyre instead of the former Avid BB7. The Spyre also looks much better than the BB7.

Hiding the cables for lights and speedo in the frame took a bit longer than anticipated, but there was no real hurry anyway. It would have bin easier and a lot less messy, if doing the cabling before spraying cavity sealant into the frame.

It got a 19t Ginkgo idler and a stainless steel Ginkgo chain tube cage.

I’ve took it for a spin today to do some shopping (with Ortlieb XPress panniers) and the chain tubes are pretty quiet. The rolling noise of the currently shod 26″ Marathon Almotion is more noticeable.

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4 Responses to Nasty got a new frame

  1. David Mason says:

    Very nice. What does the cavity sealant do?

  2. Geoff Adams says:

    That’s a beauty! Well done.

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