Vortex-Leader with Trailer

Had to go get some groceries today. Hence, the new trike had to tow the trailer.

When I’ve tried the new trike with 20″ front wheels, the handling was very twitchy. Thats a very unusual behavior for an ICE Trike. Using a set of 24″ front wheels yesterday, felt much better. Corner handling was just severely limited by the non-ICE Trikes hard-shell seat. The Novosport trike seat isn’t as comfortable and just doesn’t keep your butt planted in corners as the ICE Trikes seat.

I compared the 26″ Trice leader rear frame to a 26″ ICE Sprint rear end. The rear wheel axle mount of the Trice Leader rear frame is placed quite a bit lower that in current ICE trike frames. That alters the steering geometry considerably (for the worst). Thats what you get, if you mate a 16 year old custom Trice rear frame, to a ICE Vortex cruciform.

On the other hand, that trike frame geometry seems very well suited to use 3×24″, 3×26″ or 3×700 wheels. Despite its big front wheels, the trike is very agile and turns on a dime.

Hence, I’ve build a 24″ rear wheel in the morning and used it on the shopping run with the trailer in the evening. Luckily, I still got a few 24″ Schwalbe Shredda tires left. The 50-507 Shredda Evo was most likely the quickest and best handling 24″ tire, but unfortunately Schwalbe discontinued the Shredda a few years ago.

While it was only a short 9km shopping run, the handling of the trike felt pretty good. Now, it has to get an ICE trike seat and I need to get rid of the pesky green paint.

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